Moje Store is your ultimate online destination for fashion and lifestyle. Your new home for women and children designer fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty and lifestyle.

Welcome to Moje Store - where fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home effortlessly intertwine.

Founded by Monica Morog in 2023, a mum of three with over a decade of experience in the Australian fashion industry. She established Moje Store to create an online destination for women like herself, offering a diverse range of contemporary and timeless essentials. Each thoughtfully selected piece reflects Monica's commitment to practicality, style, and the convenience of finding everything you need in one place.

At Moje Store, we believe in embracing the beauty of simplicity and effortless style. We curate a collection focusing on organic, ethical and sustainable brands that speaks to the modern woman. 

We pride ourselves on providing not just products, but a holistic experience. Monica is dedicated to sourcing items that embody the essence of effortlessness, making every purchase a seamless reflection of your individuality.

For her, her kids and her home.