Ibiza Headband

Kitty Paloma
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Made from ultra smooth bio-acetate, Kitty Paloma headbands will definitely turn some heads. 

Super sleek, shiny 100% plant based acetate that’s biodegradable at the end of its very long life and style cycle. 

- Ultra smooth, high gloss Ibiza multi-colour bio-acetate 
- 100% biodegradable
- 100% plant based made with renewable sources
- 0% phthalates 
- Biodegradable at the end of its long style-cycle in soil, water and seawater 
-  Free from harmful Phthalates that occur in plastics - good for you and good for the environment 
- Arrives in a beautiful, soft, organic cotton branded drawstring bag. 

39cm total length 
3.5cm at the top thickest point, tapering down to 1.5cm behind the ears 
Drawstring Bag Size: 20cm x 15cm.

Please note that each piece is unique and the colour-way may vary ever so slightly from the image displayed. Each piece is as unique as you. 

Made from 100% renewable sources that biodegrade in soil and seawater.