An intimate conversation with Channel 9 Network Style Manager Alex Wilson

This journal is a special one for me. For a quarter of a century, I have had the privilege of walking alongside Alex as one one of my closest friends. 

Today, I have the honour of delving deeper into Alex's world, peeling back the layers of her role as Channel 9's Network Style Manager through an intimate conversation. We'll uncover what a typical day in her bustling world entails — the meticulous planning, the creative brainstorming, and discover the timeless classics that define her signature style.

Can you walk us through what a typical day looks like for you as the head stylist at Channel 9?
What I like best about my job at Nine is that every day is different. Right now as I answer this I’m on a plane to Melbourne with one of my talent to visit a new tailor and get some beautiful suits made for an upcoming project. Other days can vary from photo shoots, on set stand by for live TV shows, shopping in store and online and undertaking fittings. There is also a lot of admin but that’s too boring to talk about! 

What are the primary responsibilities that come with your role, and how do you prioritise them? 
The main objective of my role is to ensure Nine’s talent present polished and professional. This goes for all mediums within the business including TV, print, digital and red carpet appearances. Sometimes there is a real juggle to prioritise as there’s often a lot happening at once. Being organised and having a great team to support me helps with this. 

When preparing for red carpet events, what does your preparation process entail?
I start by observing the overseas award shows such as The Golden Globes and The Oscars. I make note of current trends, draw inspiration from various styles, colours and details which I then present to the talent I’m working with. We then arrange a  consultation with the designer and collaborate on ideas. The designer will then create sketches, collate fabric samples and a decision is then made on the final design. After that there is a series of fittings to ensure the perfect fit. The final touch is choosing the perfect shoe, bag and jewels. 

How far in advance do you typically start planning and preparing for these events?
Ideally 4 weeks is the perfect time for a custom piece but I’ve turned looks around in 2 days! 

In terms of trends and fashion influences, how do you stay ahead of the curve to ensure your styling remains relevant and impactful?
I’m always researching and observing across many mediums including social media, tv, film and print and I’m in regular touch with PR agencies and designers to view upcoming collections usually 6 months in advance. When creating a red carpet look sometimes it’s also nice to look back in time at the different eras and find something special to draw inspiration from and that makes a real impact. 

You’re about to style talent for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games. Can you share some insights on the process and preparation involved for you and your team for a major event like this?
I started having meetings with brands in June last year to discuss our brief and overall look for each component of the broadcast. Once I had a brand locked in I worked with them to design custom pieces and colours that compliment the official Paris Olympics design colours and our set.

I’m dressing 60 talent for the broadcast and at the moment I’m in the process of fittings to make sure all the chosen pieces look good and fit well on each individual. Once I have completed those all the wardrobe will be boxed up and shipped to Paris. I'm very lucky that I get to go so I will meet the clothing there where we unpack, steam and prep for each talent. Once completed the timeline for the process will exceed 12 months. 


How would you describe your personal style?
I would say I’m a minimalist. My everyday dressing usually involves oversized shirting or a blazer with a wide leg pant or jean. I like fine jewellery and don’t wear much colour. Some would say that’s the “stylist uniform”. When I go out I look for luxurious fabrics and pieces with interesting detail.

What are some key pieces you can’t live without from your wardrobe?
An oversized black suit, a white shirt and a good pair of jeans. My footwear changes depending on the season, at the moment I’m loving my loafers and Mary Jane ballet flats. 

And finally, what are some pieces you would add to your wardrobe from Moje Store for this season?
I’m loving the 3 piece Hyde and Stone suit in grey. Perfect for this season! I also recently purchased the Brie Leon Alma Mini Bag and I love it! 

Follow Alex and her journey at @__alexwilson__