An intimate conversation with Channel 9 Network Style Manager Alex Wilson

An intimate conversation with Channel 9 Network Style Manager Alex Wilson

This journal is a special one for me. For a quarter of a century, I have had the privilege of walking alongside Alex as one one of my closest friends. 

Today, I have the honour of delving deeper into Alex's world, peeling back the layers of her role as Channel 9's Network Style Manager through an intimate conversation. We'll uncover what a typical day in her bustling world entails — the meticulous planning, the creative brainstorming, and discover the timeless classics that define her signature style.

Can you walk us through what a typical day looks like for you as the head stylist at Channel 9?
What I like best about my job at Nine is that every day is different. Right now as I answer this I’m on a plane to Melbourne with one of my talent to visit a new tailor and get some beautiful suits made for an upcoming project. Other days can vary from photo shoots, on set stand by for live TV shows, shopping in store and online and undertaking fittings. There is also a lot of admin but that’s too boring to talk about! 

What are the primary responsibilities that come with your role, and how do you prioritise them? 
The main objective of my role is to ensure Nine’s talent present polished and professional. This goes for all mediums within the business including TV, print, digital and red carpet appearances. Sometimes there is a real juggle to prioritise as there’s often a lot happening at once. Being organised and having a great team to support me helps with this. 

When preparing for red carpet events, what does your preparation process entail?
I start by observing the overseas award shows such as The Golden Globes and The Oscars. I make note of current trends, draw inspiration from various styles, colours and details which I then present to the talent I’m working with. We then arrange a  consultation with the designer and collaborate on ideas. The designer will then create sketches, collate fabric samples and a decision is then made on the final design. After that there is a series of fittings to ensure the perfect fit. The final touch is choosing the perfect shoe, bag and jewels. 

How far in advance do you typically start planning and preparing for these events?
Ideally 4 weeks is the perfect time for a custom piece but I’ve turned looks around in 2 days! 

In terms of trends and fashion influences, how do you stay ahead of the curve to ensure your styling remains relevant and impactful?
I’m always researching and observing across many mediums including social media, tv, film and print and I’m in regular touch with PR agencies and designers to view upcoming collections usually 6 months in advance. When creating a red carpet look sometimes it’s also nice to look back in time at the different eras and find something special to draw inspiration from and that makes a real impact. 

You’re about to style talent for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games. Can you share some insights on the process and preparation involved for you and your team for a major event like this?
I started having meetings with brands in June last year to discuss our brief and overall look for each component of the broadcast. Once I had a brand locked in I worked with them to design custom pieces and colours that compliment the official Paris Olympics design colours and our set.

I’m dressing 60 talent for the broadcast and at the moment I’m in the process of fittings to make sure all the chosen pieces look good and fit well on each individual. Once I have completed those all the wardrobe will be boxed up and shipped to Paris. I'm very lucky that I get to go so I will meet the clothing there where we unpack, steam and prep for each talent. Once completed the timeline for the process will exceed 12 months. 


How would you describe your personal style?
I would say I’m a minimalist. My everyday dressing usually involves oversized shirting or a blazer with a wide leg pant or jean. I like fine jewellery and don’t wear much colour. Some would say that’s the “stylist uniform”. When I go out I look for luxurious fabrics and pieces with interesting detail.

What are some key pieces you can’t live without from your wardrobe?
An oversized black suit, a white shirt and a good pair of jeans. My footwear changes depending on the season, at the moment I’m loving my loafers and Mary Jane ballet flats. 

And finally, what are some pieces you would add to your wardrobe from Moje Store for this season?
I’m loving the 3 piece Hyde and Stone suit in grey. Perfect for this season! I also recently purchased the Brie Leon Alma Mini Bag and I love it! 

Follow Alex and her journey at @__alexwilson__

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Minimalism: A Personal Style Guide for Embracing Your Signature Look

Minimalism: A Personal Style Guide for Embracing Your Signature Look

In a world inundated with trends and ever-changing fashion fads, the pursuit of a personal and timeless style has become more important than ever. Today, I find solace in the art of minimalism, a style that transcends seasons and captures the essence of simplicity. Here are ten tips that have guided me in discovering and embracing my own signature look. 

Before delving into your wardrobe, take a moment to envision the aesthetic that resonates with you. Minimalism often revolves around clean lines, neutral colors, and simplicity. Clarify your preferences and use them as a foundation for your style journey.

Minimalism encourages a curated and intentional wardrobe. Invest in high-quality, versatile pieces that stand the test of time. Embracing a less-is-more approach ensures that each item serves a purpose and complements your overall style and pieces you already own. 

Neutral tones create a cohesive and timeless wardrobe. Embrace a palette of whites, blacks, greys, and earthy tones. This not only simplifies the process of mixing and matching but also exudes a sense of understated elegance.

Identify silhouettes that resonate with your body type and personal taste. Whether it's tailored blazers, wide-leg trousers, or a classic tee and denim, finding your signature shapes adds consistency and uniqueness to your style.

Accessories are the punctuation marks of fashion. Opt for timeless pieces such as a delicate watch, a leather belt, simple flats/heels and sneakers or simple earrings. Let accessories enhance, not overpower your overall aesthetic.

If you're inclined towards patterns, stick to minimalist designs like stripes or subtle geometric shapes. Avoid overly intricate patterns that might distract from the simplicity you're aiming for.

The perfect fit elevates any outfit. Invest in tailoring to ensure that your clothes flatter your body shape. Well-fitted garments, even the most basic ones, can transform your look entirely.

Simplify your life and streamline your choices by creating a capsule wardrobe. Select a few key pieces that seamlessly blend together, offering endless possibilities without overwhelming decision-making.

No matter what you wear, wear it with confidence. Your demeanor completes the outfit, making a bold statement that goes beyond the clothes themselves. Stand tall, own your style, and let your authenticity shine.

While embracing minimalism, allow your style to evolve organically. Don't be afraid to experiment with new elements that align with your aesthetic vision. Your signature style is a reflection of your journey, so let it grow and adapt over time. (eg. through motherhood and age)

Today, as I navigate the world with my minimalist elegance, I am reminded that true style is a journey, not a destination. It's an ever-evolving exploration of self-expression, and in embracing minimalism, I have found a canvas where simplicity is not just a style choice but a way of life.

Monica x 


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In Conversation with Luv Lou

In Conversation with Luv Lou

Meet the founders of designer eyewear brand Luv Lou. Sister duo, Hayley Hall and Jayde Hall. With a sell out of the best selling Boston Sunglasses, we chatted to them about their design process, their personal style and what it's like working together.

What inspired you to start a designer sunglasses brand, and how did the idea come to life?
We had always dreamt of working together on something creative outside our 9-5, sunglasses came to mind after a coffee date in the city and the process began immediately. Jayde’s love for sourcing unique sunglasses soon turned into a range meeting, and we had samples after a few months. We knew we wanted to build a brand that emulated timeless and elevated eyewear for every occasion and we have found ourselves here. It’s constantly evolving and growing and we are learning every day more and more about the business and how we want to improve.

Working with family can have its unique challenges and rewards. What do you find most rewarding about collaborating with your sister on this venture?
Jayde: We always get asked this and honestly I feel so lucky to work with my Sister. It just works, we are honest, we are understanding and we are mostly on the same page. I think my favourite thing about working with Hayley is just the extra time we get to spend with each other, plus I always feel like we have each other's backs.
Hayley: The biggest reward is working side by side someone who know’s you so well. It is so special to celebrate our wins together and watch something we built grow into a reality.

How would you describe each other's strengths and contributions to the brand? How does your individual expertise complement each other?
Jayde: Hayley's skills are definitely her passion, drive and communication. She really knows how to push the brand to the next level. She is always making connections and thinking of the next 12 months goals for Luv Lou.
Hayley: Jayde is the biggest task driver, if there is a to do list she can pretty much tick through the entire list in a day. She is the problem solver in our duo, logistic manager and has the most amazing design ideas.

Can you share some insights into the creative process behind designing your sunglasses? Where do you draw inspiration from?

We draw inspiration from the past, where you can modernise traditional timeless shapes. We love finding inspiration on pinterest, vintage markets and even our Mum and Nan’s sunglass collection. We also look to apparel design and what brands are doing in this space to compliment this.

How does it feel having such a huge response in a collection? Specifically the best selling Boston sunglasses?
It is so crazy!! We have never experienced anything like the Boston before. We feel super grateful that our customers love the style and we just want to be able to keep up with the demand. It definitely reassures us that we are onto something special and gives us the motivation to keep pushing.

Can you take us through a typical day in the life of Hayley and Jayde?
Jayde Firstly coffee immediately once I wake up at about 6am, then I head to the gym or pilates then a dog walk or swim. Once I get to the office it’s usually about 30 mins of catching up with all the girls before I get into emails. Each day is different at work but always a mix of customers, design, suppliers, warehouse and marketing. Post work my day always ends on the lounge with my Fiance Tom and doggy Howie with a cup of tea.
Hayley I am an early riser and also love to treat myself to an oat latte before anything else. If it's a work day my day begins with my little boy Dusty and getting him sorted for daycare, we like to make a smoothie together and grab a babycino on the way. I arrive to the office normally after Jayde and get stuck into chatting with the team and where we are at with projects. The day continues with communication with the warehouse, going through the marketing calendar and overviewing design and stock management. I love ending my day at the beach for a sunset swim with my husband Broc and Dusty.

How would you describe your personal style?
Hayley Tonal, Minimal and chic.
Jayde Structured, Edgy and my friends would say sexy Lol

What is a staple in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
Jayde My mini Camilla and Marc skirt and probably a black blazer, and Jeans! Oh god it’s like choosing between children.
Hayley My new celine sandals, I have never loved shoes more.

And most importantly, what is your coffee order?
Hayley Oat latte every time.
Jayde Currently due to Australian Summer an iced long black with a dash of oat.



Luv Lou

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Designer Spotlight - Eastaxe

Designer Spotlight - Eastaxe

In celebration of a sell out SS23 collection, last week we chatted to super mum Samantha Frizell, founder of Eastaxe and mum of three boys. We asked Sammy how she feels selling out in less than 12 hours, how she balances running a successful business and mum life and what we can expect for future collections from Eastaxe.

Congratulations on such a successful collection. How does it feel selling out in the brown colour way in 12 hours?
Selling out is very surreal for me. It's always been a dream of mine to eventually sell out, but when it actually happens, it leaves me quite speechless. It's a really good feeling to sell out, but it's just tricky when people miss out.

As the founder and director of Eastaxe, and mother to three young boys. How do you find balance in running a successful business and mum life? 
This is a hard one to answer because for me right now, I don't know if I have much balance. Life is chaotic, my three boys are obviously my priority, but trying to run a business alongside that is tricky. It’s a juggle. I feel like I wing it every single day. I'm very determined though, and I'm quite stubborn. So in my eyes, this business was never going to fail. Even when I launched, I was always confident that it was going to excel.

What are your non-negotiable ‘you’ time things you love to do?

My non-negotiable is that I always get my nails done. Have always had my nails done even when I was really young working in a corporate job! Tyson is never really around and we don't have any family help, so I have to drag my youngest Oaky with me while he still sits still. Ha! This is 100% my non negotiable. 

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? 
Obviously my boys are my first inspiration. I've always loved dressing them and I keep their style very simple. Eastaxe is the epitome of less is more. Keeping things like colour palettes simple and ensuring our designs are timeless. This has really built Eastaxe to where it is today. We also love shoes! So we always aim to style our clothes with a fresh pair of kicks.

How do you stay creative amidst the busyness of family life?
Staying creative within my busy, chaotic life is a tricky one. I've always worked in the creative space. I was a graphic designer before kids, (I still am) so I feel like that comes rather naturally to me, but the challenge is just finding the time now to enter that creative space. I am a bit old school also, so I tend to go back to mood boarding. If I've got a bit of an idea, I'll have a browse through Pinterest or magazines. I also go through my camera roll as I always take photos of random things like concrete walls, random art, mens fashion etc. I draw inspiration from everywhere and I always have my phone out taking photos of random things. 

What valuable lessons have you learned from juggling these multiple roles, and what advice would you give to other mums aspiring to balance entrepreneurship and family?
One lesson I have learnt is that you can never keep everyone happy. You're always gonna piss someone off. Just keep referring back to your brand and the message you're trying to portray. 

What advice would I give? Ha I hate getting advice so I feel weird answering this. I just feel like there is so much unwanted advice out there now you just need to listen to your gut and do what works for you and your family. 
Having a business and family is hard. You really have to find something that you are seriously obsessed with. If you're not 100% committed and passionate then I feel like it wouldn't be worth sacrificing time with your kids for it. If it gives you purpose and you want to get up every day and work on the business, then I think it's worth it. You also need to be prepared that the hours are relentless, its hard and its exhausting. But at the end of the day, if it's worth it, you're willing to do anything for it. 

What can we expect from future collections? Can you give us sneak peak of what’s to come for Summer?
Summer...very neutral! We have two more boardies launching and a few other surprises. Our aim next year is to really start ramping things up! We will be dropping collections monthly or every second month. I'm currently working and sampling for Winter 2024. Bring it on!

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as quite masculine, very oversized, comfortable, and simple. 

What is a staple in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
A staple in my wardrobe would 100% be an oversized blazer.

And finally, what’s one piece from Moje Store that you would add to your wardrobe this Spring?
Hyde & Stone Anastasia Shirt in Black



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Mother's Day Q&A with Studio Disenos Founders Jenna & Tiana

Mother's Day Q&A with Studio Disenos Founders Jenna & Tiana

Today, we're celebrating, mothers, grandmothers, mother-figures, new mums, mums who are no longer with us, and those who hope to be mums. An occasion to honor, celebrate, and remember the women who shaped us.

I asked Founders Jenna & Tiana from Studio Disenos, (the creative team behind our submark) a few questions about motherhood, style and work life balance. 



How many children do you have?
2 boys ~ Dash is almost 3 and Marloe is almost 1.

What does it mean to be a mum?
My family is absolutely everything. The boys have taught me a love I never knew existed and that all the small moments together as a family are what really makes life rich.

What do you think you children would say is your best trait?
Patience and calm

Who are some women in your life that are influential in shaping who you are?
I was lucky enough to work alongside Sophie Bell for a few years, while watching her navigate motherhood a business and build her dream home.
Without realising at the time, this was so influential and shaped who I am today and the drive I have to provide for my family and have the best of both worlds, working and being a present mum.

As a successful working mum, how do you find balance and what are your non negotiable ‘you’ time things you love to do?
I definitely haven’t perfected a work life balance ha ha. I'm so passionate about my work and the ability to be creative so I feel extremely privileged that I haven't had to give this up.
Day-to-day non negotiable is starting the day outdoors, by the beach for a walk and coffee. Time with close friends, hands free and being present is equally important to me.

How would you describe your style and has it changed since becoming a mum?
I’d like to say it was motherhood that influenced my lack of style but I’d be lying. I’ve been living in activewear and loungewear for a few years now...

What is a staple in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
A linen set.

What are your top 4 pieces from Moje Store that you would add to your wardrobe?
Blanca Amalie Shirt
Blanca Amalie Shorts
Brie Leon Veeda Hoop
Bare By Charlie Holiday Long Sleeve Shirt


How many children do you have?
One - my little man, Koen.

What does it mean to be a mum?
It is my life’s greatest privilege. Koen is the most amazing teacher and has taught me so much about living in the moment and being present.

What do you think your children would say is your best trait?
I hope he will say my unconditional love.

Who are some women in your life that are influential in shaping who you are?
I would not be the person I am today without Jenna. She has helped me navigate my way through it all - in motherhood, relationships, business and everything in between. I am in constant awe of her and the incredible person she is.

As a successful working mum, how do you find balance and what are your non negotiable ‘you’ time things you love to do?
I think I am still working the balance part out - but movement is vital for me. I always start my days with a walk and some fresh air - setting me up for a productive day! Going to Pilates is one of my favourite things to do when I have some ‘me’ time. It feels so good to unwind and move my body.

How would you describe your style and has it changed since becoming a mum?
My style is definitely relaxed and minimal. A lot of loungewear and pieces that are easy to dress up or down.

What is a staple in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
An oversized tee - It is my reliable go-to piece!

What are your top 4 pieces from Moje Store that you would add to your wardrobe?
Blanca Cleo Blazer 
BARE By Charlie Holiday The Distressed Everyday Tee
Hyde & Stone Lottie Pant
Hyde & Stone Anastasia Shirt 


Studio Disenos

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