In Conversation with Luv Lou

Meet the founders of designer eyewear brand Luv Lou. Sister duo, Hayley Hall and Jayde Hall. With a sell out of the best selling Boston Sunglasses, we chatted to them about their design process, their personal style and what it's like working together.

What inspired you to start a designer sunglasses brand, and how did the idea come to life?
We had always dreamt of working together on something creative outside our 9-5, sunglasses came to mind after a coffee date in the city and the process began immediately. Jayde’s love for sourcing unique sunglasses soon turned into a range meeting, and we had samples after a few months. We knew we wanted to build a brand that emulated timeless and elevated eyewear for every occasion and we have found ourselves here. It’s constantly evolving and growing and we are learning every day more and more about the business and how we want to improve.

Working with family can have its unique challenges and rewards. What do you find most rewarding about collaborating with your sister on this venture?
Jayde: We always get asked this and honestly I feel so lucky to work with my Sister. It just works, we are honest, we are understanding and we are mostly on the same page. I think my favourite thing about working with Hayley is just the extra time we get to spend with each other, plus I always feel like we have each other's backs.
Hayley: The biggest reward is working side by side someone who know’s you so well. It is so special to celebrate our wins together and watch something we built grow into a reality.

How would you describe each other's strengths and contributions to the brand? How does your individual expertise complement each other?
Jayde: Hayley's skills are definitely her passion, drive and communication. She really knows how to push the brand to the next level. She is always making connections and thinking of the next 12 months goals for Luv Lou.
Hayley: Jayde is the biggest task driver, if there is a to do list she can pretty much tick through the entire list in a day. She is the problem solver in our duo, logistic manager and has the most amazing design ideas.

Can you share some insights into the creative process behind designing your sunglasses? Where do you draw inspiration from?

We draw inspiration from the past, where you can modernise traditional timeless shapes. We love finding inspiration on pinterest, vintage markets and even our Mum and Nan’s sunglass collection. We also look to apparel design and what brands are doing in this space to compliment this.

How does it feel having such a huge response in a collection? Specifically the best selling Boston sunglasses?
It is so crazy!! We have never experienced anything like the Boston before. We feel super grateful that our customers love the style and we just want to be able to keep up with the demand. It definitely reassures us that we are onto something special and gives us the motivation to keep pushing.

Can you take us through a typical day in the life of Hayley and Jayde?
Jayde Firstly coffee immediately once I wake up at about 6am, then I head to the gym or pilates then a dog walk or swim. Once I get to the office it’s usually about 30 mins of catching up with all the girls before I get into emails. Each day is different at work but always a mix of customers, design, suppliers, warehouse and marketing. Post work my day always ends on the lounge with my Fiance Tom and doggy Howie with a cup of tea.
Hayley I am an early riser and also love to treat myself to an oat latte before anything else. If it's a work day my day begins with my little boy Dusty and getting him sorted for daycare, we like to make a smoothie together and grab a babycino on the way. I arrive to the office normally after Jayde and get stuck into chatting with the team and where we are at with projects. The day continues with communication with the warehouse, going through the marketing calendar and overviewing design and stock management. I love ending my day at the beach for a sunset swim with my husband Broc and Dusty.

How would you describe your personal style?
Hayley Tonal, Minimal and chic.
Jayde Structured, Edgy and my friends would say sexy Lol

What is a staple in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
Jayde My mini Camilla and Marc skirt and probably a black blazer, and Jeans! Oh god it’s like choosing between children.
Hayley My new celine sandals, I have never loved shoes more.

And most importantly, what is your coffee order?
Hayley Oat latte every time.
Jayde Currently due to Australian Summer an iced long black with a dash of oat.



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