Designer Spotlight - Eastaxe

In celebration of a sell out SS23 collection, last week we chatted to super mum Samantha Frizell, founder of Eastaxe and mum of three boys. We asked Sammy how she feels selling out in less than 12 hours, how she balances running a successful business and mum life and what we can expect for future collections from Eastaxe.

Congratulations on such a successful collection. How does it feel selling out in the brown colour way in 12 hours?
Selling out is very surreal for me. It's always been a dream of mine to eventually sell out, but when it actually happens, it leaves me quite speechless. It's a really good feeling to sell out, but it's just tricky when people miss out.

As the founder and director of Eastaxe, and mother to three young boys. How do you find balance in running a successful business and mum life? 
This is a hard one to answer because for me right now, I don't know if I have much balance. Life is chaotic, my three boys are obviously my priority, but trying to run a business alongside that is tricky. It’s a juggle. I feel like I wing it every single day. I'm very determined though, and I'm quite stubborn. So in my eyes, this business was never going to fail. Even when I launched, I was always confident that it was going to excel.

What are your non-negotiable ‘you’ time things you love to do?

My non-negotiable is that I always get my nails done. Have always had my nails done even when I was really young working in a corporate job! Tyson is never really around and we don't have any family help, so I have to drag my youngest Oaky with me while he still sits still. Ha! This is 100% my non negotiable. 

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? 
Obviously my boys are my first inspiration. I've always loved dressing them and I keep their style very simple. Eastaxe is the epitome of less is more. Keeping things like colour palettes simple and ensuring our designs are timeless. This has really built Eastaxe to where it is today. We also love shoes! So we always aim to style our clothes with a fresh pair of kicks.

How do you stay creative amidst the busyness of family life?
Staying creative within my busy, chaotic life is a tricky one. I've always worked in the creative space. I was a graphic designer before kids, (I still am) so I feel like that comes rather naturally to me, but the challenge is just finding the time now to enter that creative space. I am a bit old school also, so I tend to go back to mood boarding. If I've got a bit of an idea, I'll have a browse through Pinterest or magazines. I also go through my camera roll as I always take photos of random things like concrete walls, random art, mens fashion etc. I draw inspiration from everywhere and I always have my phone out taking photos of random things. 

What valuable lessons have you learned from juggling these multiple roles, and what advice would you give to other mums aspiring to balance entrepreneurship and family?
One lesson I have learnt is that you can never keep everyone happy. You're always gonna piss someone off. Just keep referring back to your brand and the message you're trying to portray. 

What advice would I give? Ha I hate getting advice so I feel weird answering this. I just feel like there is so much unwanted advice out there now you just need to listen to your gut and do what works for you and your family. 
Having a business and family is hard. You really have to find something that you are seriously obsessed with. If you're not 100% committed and passionate then I feel like it wouldn't be worth sacrificing time with your kids for it. If it gives you purpose and you want to get up every day and work on the business, then I think it's worth it. You also need to be prepared that the hours are relentless, its hard and its exhausting. But at the end of the day, if it's worth it, you're willing to do anything for it. 

What can we expect from future collections? Can you give us sneak peak of what’s to come for Summer?
Summer...very neutral! We have two more boardies launching and a few other surprises. Our aim next year is to really start ramping things up! We will be dropping collections monthly or every second month. I'm currently working and sampling for Winter 2024. Bring it on!

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as quite masculine, very oversized, comfortable, and simple. 

What is a staple in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?
A staple in my wardrobe would 100% be an oversized blazer.

And finally, what’s one piece from Moje Store that you would add to your wardrobe this Spring?
Hyde & Stone Anastasia Shirt in Black